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At Central Floors we offer a unique selection of engineered woods from such brands as Tuscan, Woodpecker, Habit, Quick-step and Basix meaning we should always have the right floor for you. From Oak to Walnut the colours are endless and will make any home look warm and inviting.

Engineered wood flooring is suitable for all rooms of your home now that Quick-Step offer a 24 hour waterproof guarantee on their Engineered Wood giving you perfect piece of mind in Kitchens, Bathrooms & Hallways. Engineered wood flooring is designed to float on top of an underlay and will not expand half as much as solid wood flooring making it easy to install and quicker to get your room finished.

Engineered woods come in all styles such as Herringbone design, Straight Plank, Rustic grades, Distressed finishes and have different surfaces textures from Lacquered to Brushed and oiled so the choice is endless.

Our Brands

Different Finishes

Oak Flooring is one of the more popular types of wood in this range. Either floor offers different finishes, so if its Solid wood flooring or Engineered wood flooring your after then the choices will be brushed & oiled, Lacquered, Brushed & Matt Lacquered, For more help and advice on finishings please pop in to store or give us a call.

Using the correct glue and taking account of potential moisture are the key issues when installing this wood, in order to ensure it remains in good shape. It may require the use of a self-adhesive underlay but again this is depending on the subfloor. Brands supplied; Tuscan, Furlongs, Atkinson Kirby, Woodpecker, Parador and much more.

Buyers can choose between two ways of installing the wood, these being to either glue or secret nail it to the subfloor. Secret nailing is something used when your sub-floor is wooden ie floorboards, chipboard or even ply and is the only option. If your sub-floor is concrete then this is where you would use glue and if needed a chemical DPM to ensure that no moisture will affect the solid wood.

Why Engineered Wood?

Engineered floors are made up of several layers of ply with a wood veneer top.

Engineered floors can be floated on underlay, nailed to a wooden subfloor, or stuck down to a solid surface using adhesives.

Solid wood floors can in some cases be sanded more than engineered floors in order to extend the lifespan of the floor.

Solid wood flooring can add value to your home as it is a desirable product that many people would aspire to have.

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