Warmth, comfort and a wide range of colours

High-quality Carpet

Durable and Years of Good Service

For Carpets in Burton on Trent or carpet fitting in Burton on Trent visit Central Floors. Our high-quality products are designed to suit every customer’s taste and budget perfectly. Why not come into the store and see our full collection.

We are able to carpet any room of the home with the smallest outlay and fuss. To complement our range of carpets is a fantastic range of underlays with varying levels of comfort and softness for the different areas of the home.

Carpet offers warmth, comfort and a wide range of colours and designs for the floor. They are gentle on the feet and if maintained properly can be durable and provide years of good service. Carpet is ideal for every room of the house, they are particularly suited to cosy environments like bedrooms and lounges. many carpets come in synthetic fibres, One of the most popular being polypropylene for its stain resistant features, normally offering 10-year stain warranties.

Why Carpet?

Carpet is very easy and simple to maintain, all they take is a light vacuum when required.

Most carpets offer stain warranties so they are resistant to daily spills such as red wine, tea and coffee.
Carpets offer warmth and comfort all year round, even in the coldest of winters, a carpet will still fell warm and comfortable under-foot.
A very luxurious carpet doesn’t have to cost the earth. Carpets are a very cost effective affordable solution for any flooring project.

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